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[MP3] Random Kpop Groups: Batch 2 (DOWNLOAD) (RE-POST)

Posted on: August 6, 2010

I’m back again in giving all of you download links!!

Ok. Just recently I have been inactive with LJ and WordPress. So here’s a litlle something to pay back those times when I was inactive!

I have 4 songs to give you today from 4 different groups as well!


++ B2ST/BEAST [비스트] – Mystery.mp3
*this song is really catchy.!mystery mystery~ YeoSeob❤

I have 3 songs from 3 groups that aren’t really much included in my fandom.

First up is MBLAQ!

MBLAQ debuted with their debut mini-album Just BLAQ. With leader SeungHo and members Lee Joon, G.O, Thunder, and Mir, these 5 have got it going on. MBLAQ is the first ever debuted talent of J.Tunes Entertainment which is headed by former JYPE talent Rain! Because it’s from Rain it’s natural for us to expect a little something from the group. BEAST debuted along with this group under Cube Entertainment which naturally made the two groups rivals. Anyways, Thunder is the younger brother of 2NE1 member Sandara Park. I highly appreciate him saying he was from the Philippines on the 1st episode of Idol Army even though he wasn’t born here. So proud! And for those who watched Ninja Assasin, Lee Joon played the role of Raizo when he was in his teen years, a.k.a the one who got to have a lip-locking scene with a cute girl! Mir is the younfer brother of a actress (whose name I forgot), and G.O is part of the famous group of their days TYKEYS.

I wasn’t interested at first with the two groups because I was much satisfied in being a fangirl of SHINee and 2PM and because of the happenings that were present in those times they debuted I haven’t paid much attention to them. Then one day I decided to check out the tw groups because of BEAST’s performance of Again & Again by 2PM. I checked the two groups out wondering if ever I could be a fan of another group. Seeing BEAST’s Bad Girl MV (and YeoSeob.xD) made me fall in love with BEAST immediately! But MBLAQ’s OH Yeah! MV really turned me off. I was expecting much from them to be honest but Rain, you have to better improve this group of yours.

But then after watching Idol Army Season 5, I was slowly sucked into MBLAQ’s charm. Mir, Thuner, and SeungHo, really got my attention. So then I was also sucked into their music OH Yeah! So here it is!


++ MBLAQ [엠블랙] – OH Yeah!.mp3

Here’s th 2nd group. KARA!

I don’t have much to say about this group since I was only started to listen to this song because of BEAST and 2PM’s performance in SBS Gayo DaeJun.


++ KARA [카라] – 미스터 (Mister).mp3

and the 3rd and last group is 4Minute of Cube Entertainment!

After KEY of SHINee showed off his diva sef again in SBS Gayo with this song, I totally got into it. I know 4minute ever since debut but this is the only song that I became interested in! It’s really addicting!

++ 4Minute – MUZIK.mp3

that’s it for now.!

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